Best Face Masks For Oily Skin Available In India- Our Top 10 Picks

Best Face Masks For Oily Skin Available In India

If you are blessed with oily skin then it is most probably accompanied by these uninvited friends clogged pores, blackheads, dullness, excess secretion of sebum, acne, blemishes and other not so good things. In my opinion oily skin is the most difficult skin type to take care because it attracts dirt and pollution like a magnet and clogs up the pores which results in blackheads, whiteheads, acne and blemishes. So it is essential to have… Read more…

L’Oreal Super Liner Black Review, Swatch & Price

L’Oreal Paris Superliner in Black

Today’s review is going to be on the L’Oreal Super Liner Black. I got this eyeliner because the SA was raving about it and I wanted a good liquid black liner. But she failed to mention it dries to a glossy finish. I always liked only matte liners and never got around to try glossy eye liners as I never liked the look of it on others. Let’s get into the full review of L’Oreal… Read more…

BH Cosmetics Blending Brush No 12 Review, Dupes & Price

BH Cosmetics blending brush no 12

Today’s review is going to be on the BH Cosmetics Blending Brush No 12. I got this blending brush along with a bunch of other stuff that I ordered off BH Cosmetics website. Man I love this brand so much now as it never fails to impress me. Be it makeup or even tools they make super affordable ones that are easy on the pockets. Let’s get into the full review of the BH Cosmetics… Read more…

Kryolan Makeup Blend Review, Swatch, Demo & Price

kryolan makeup blend review

Today’s review is going to be on the Kryolan Makeup Blend. I always struggle with thick liquid or cream foundations because first I don’t like the feel of it on my skin and second I have extremely oily skin which makes it even more difficult for the makeup to stay on without sliding off of my face or cake up. I got this Makeup Blend which can thin out any thick formulation of foundation which… Read more…

History, Origin and Myth of Saree


Saree– a single 6 yard unstitched cloth, which is ruling the world of fashion, even today, has a great history. Did you anything think about who has weaved the first saree or who is the first women on the earth who has worn the first saree? It can be pretty tough for anyone to answer this question. There are so many varieties of outfits available in India, but the most commonly used and accepted outfit… Read more…

Colorbar Zoom And Whoosh Mascara Review, Dupe & Price

colorbar zoom and whoosh mascara

Today’s review is going to be on the Colorbar Zoom And Whoosh Mascara. I got this mascara from Colorbar purely on a whim being a makeup junkie we need no reason to buy makeup. Also if someone asks me why I buy so much makeup I can justify by saying that it is for my profession. Yes if you are new to my blog hi there! I am a certified makeup artist and I specialize… Read more…

Colourpop Between The Sheets Super Shock Cheek Review, Swatch & Price

Colourpop Between The Sheets Blush Review

Today’s review is going to be on the Colourpop Between The Sheets Super Shock Cheek. Subscribing to a lot of YouTubers mean you get convinced into buying a lot of makeup. But with this I was also intrigued by the formula of the face products because they have a pressed cushiony texture that applies like a cream and dries to a powder, cool isn’t it? So I ordered a couple of Colourpop stuff from their… Read more…

The Ultimate Makeup Guide Part 4 – Concealer 101


Hello peeps! How is your day so far? Mine is not bad I am sick but still cannot help myself from writing this post. So after I had published the How To Find The Right Foundation post I started getting messages from readers asking for a similar post for concealer. I take it that you are all or at least most of you are enjoying “The Ultimate Makeup Guide” series so far. Without further ado… Read more…

Nature’s Essence Lacto Bleach Review, Swatch & Price

Nature's Essence Lacto Bleach Review

Today’s review is going to be on the Nature’s Essence Lacto Bleach. Having the typical Indian skin, I get tanned easily and my love to swim and relax by the poolside during summer only makes me tan more quickly :/ . To try and minimise the aftereffects tanning, I started trying out different products and one of those was the Nature’s Essence Lacto Bleach. So how did it fair out? Also Read: Nature’s Essence Lacto… Read more…

Jessup 12 Piece Brush Set Review, Dupe & Price

Jessup Brush Set Review

Today’s review is going to be on the Jessup 12 Piece Brush Set. I got this brush set on eBay when I was looking for makeup organizers. But instead of getting what I was looking for, I got this brush set from Jessup instead because of the rave reviews of this set online in a makeup group. I had huge expectations for this set. Let’s get into the review of Jessup 12 Piece Brush Set… Read more…

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