It’s no secret that life can be stressful. You spend your days working hard to earn a living and the rest of your time is spent tending to the needs of yourself and others. Whether you enjoy your busy lifestyle or not, to keep up with all you have going on, you have to learn how to make time for yourself and simply relax. A day at the spa is one way to pamper yourself and unwind, but not one that everyone can afford.

If you’d love the luxury of being able to treat yourself without the big price tag, you might find these DIY spa treatments to be handy. You can find many of these items in your home or purchase them affordably by shopping sites like Earthlite where you can find massage therapy supplies and devices.

Exfoliate with a Sugar Scrub

Exfoliation is perfect for the skin. It helps the body to shed dead skin cells reducing the chances of a buildup, dry skin, or other problems. You can make your own body scrub at home. All you need is some brown sugar, raw oatmeal, and olive oil. Take the mixture and begin applying it to your body rubbing in gentle circular motions. Then, rinse it off and moisturize as usual.

Sweat it Off in the Sauna

Sweat is one of the body’s ways of releasing toxins. It may cost you an arm and a leg to head to a nearby spa to sit in the steam for a few minutes, but you could create the same experience at home. Take a space heater into your bathroom and turn it on to get the temperature high. Then, turn on your shower as hot as it will go and allow the room to fill up with steam. Enter and enjoy.

Moisturize with Oils

To keep your skin moisturized, healthy, and youthful, it is important to use the right moisturizers. You can do wonders for your skin by giving yourself a rub down with either extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil. Applying modest amounts and rubbing it deep so it penetrates the skin will give you a flawless appearance.

Self-Massages Can be Just as Fun

You could ask your significant other to give you a good massage, but if they’re not available, you can still work out your own kinks and relax your body with a self-massage. You can use devices like massage balls, massage rollers, and more. You can also invest in electronic or battery powered massage devices for the neck, back or legs. Using the devices, or your hands, simply work on the problem areas using slow, firm, circular motions.

Make Your Own Facial Mask

You don’t have to spend unnecessary money on facial kits from the store. If you want to give yourself the ultimate spa treatment at home, use some ingredients from your kitchen to create your own facial mask. Avocado is a great base for more moisture, honey is great for fighting acne, and papaya is great for getting rid of sun spots or blemishes.

You go through a lot in the course of a day both physically and psychologically. It’s only right that you take time out to recharge and replenish your mind and body. If you like the idea of getting spa treatments but you don’t necessarily have the funds to go to a spa on a regular basis, try creating your own experience at home. Each of these DIY spa treatments once completed, will have you looking and feeling your best self.

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