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Non-veg Gourmet Cuisine in Chennai

Being a foodie is great but being a non-vegetarian foodie earns those extra brownie points. I do love my healthy salads and garlic naan. But those Juicy Steaks and Freshly Skewered Kebabs hold a special place in my heart. 😀 There are infinite number of restaurants that serve non-veg food in Chennai that is also mouth-watering. You are hanging out with your friends but you have a very low budget you can still get to… Read more…

Spend a dazzling night at the best night clubs in Chennai

Spend a dazzling night at the best night clubs in Chennai

It’s a Friday night who wouldn’t want to hit the club. It is the unrivalled way to beat the stress. There are so many discotheques in Chennai where people like to hang out with their friends after a long and tiring week at work. If you are a party animal then you will love it here. There are heaps of clubs and pubs in Chennai that are perfectly safe for women. Being a girl yes… Read more…

Affordable hotels in Chennai with cordial amenities!!

Affordable hotels in Chennai with cordial amenities

Booking a hotel room has never been this easy. Thanks to Bob and Vint Cerf. 😀 If you do not know who they are those folks invented ‘The Internet’ which has changed all our lives dramatically. There are ‘n’ numbers of star hotels in Chennai but there are even more affordable hotels in Chennai than you could ever imagine but are all of them good? Even if you book a room in three star or… Read more…

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