As soon as Summer comes, we always want to wear the most beautiful dress, shoes and enjoy the weekends at the beach or by the pool sipping on our favorite drink. But, the hot sun has other plans for us with all the non-stop sweating, getting tanned or sunburnt, and melting makeups. We give you 10 fabulous fashion hacks to make your summer more enjoyable.

10 Fashion Hacks For Summer

  1. Put teabags in flats/shoes to freshen them up. They not only absorb the bad odour but also help to prolong the life of your shoes.
  2. Remove sweat stains on white clothing by rubbing some fresh lemon juice.
  3. Use a paperclip to turn a regular bra into a racerback.
  4. When wearing bodycon dresses wear a seamless underwear or go commando.
  5. Opt for open-toed shoes or sandals during the day, to avoid sweat slipping out of them.
  6. Choose light, airy fabrics like cotton and chiffon to keep yourself cool.
  7. Instead of wearing short dresses grab that flowy maxi dress or skirt, it’ll protect from the UV rays.
  8. Wear a flesh-toned bra when wearing white shirts.
  9. Use antiperspirant to prevent blisters from the shoes.
  10. Ditch those skinny pants and opt for loose palazzos in the soaring temperature.

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