Month: August 2017

How To Dress Comfortably For Summer

Styling Printed Palazzos

Hello there! By now you all would know that Chennai is always super hot and humid with very sparse rains. Fashion in scorching heat and conservative society is a huge pain because you cannot wear all your short dresses and skirts when you wish to alleviate the heat. People frown up a good pair of shorts, skirt and even a pretty dress. Dressing comfortably in the sultry days is definitely a work in progress for… Read more…

Printed Dresses FTW Ft. Anu from WBF

Skater dress and Wrap dress

Hello there! You all seemed to quite enjoy my collaboration with Anu from Wasted By Fashion. We have done a total of three looks out of which one was bold, dark and edgy while the other two are simple brunch looks that you can play it up or down to your own style preferences. For this look, we styled two different printed dresses as we both have different body shapes and height. I opted for… Read more…