Hello munchkins!! In today’s post I have five tips to help you not get into a sloppy date night. With the prom season around the corner I thought this post has to go on the website now. 😀 Irrespective of you going to a prom or not these tips could come in handy basically for anyone planning to go on a date. Let’s get into the post shall we? :smiley:

5 Dating Tips To Sweep Him/Her Off Their Feet

• Setting- During the first few dates it is best to go to a place where the two of you can talk and get to know each other better rather than going for a movie or concert.

• Be Interested- Only if you show interest in your date you will get the chance for a second date with that person. Make your date smile, ask interesting questions about school or work, show your sense of humor because nobody wants to date a serious head.

• Dress Smartly- Never ever ever dress to impress your date by trying to wear something that you’re not comfortable in. It will be a huge turn off when they find out.

• Grooming- It is a huge turn on when done correctly. Girls with shabby talons and unkempt hair are a huge turn off while men with long talons and waxed eyebrows are a turn off for girls. A little stubble and natural eyebrows wouldn’t hurt. 😉

• Off Topics- While there are some things you might need to discuss with your date there are also some things that you shouldn’t when you’re out on a date like talking about your ex/breakups or how broken you were.

I hope you found these tips useful. Always be careful of whom you’re dating or about to date. Protect your cookies. :smiley:
Love you :heart:

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