Working out can cause excessive buildup of sweat, oil, dirt & bacteria on the skin. All of which can lead to acne. However, working out doesn’t cause acne. Also, it is not feasible to quit exercising in order to get clearer skin. The key is to maintain proper hygiene to safeguard our skin from acne. Try following these simple tips to avoid breaking out in pimples after a workout:

prevent acne after workout
prevent acne after workout

Thorough Cleanse-

The most important skincare routine is to thoroughly clean the skin gently following a workout. Cleansing your skin helps to get rid of the excess sweat & possible bacteria from workout equipment. It also helps you to stay away from all dirt & impurities.

Cleansing after a heavy workout will cool off skin to stay away from breaking off blood vessels & return skin temperature to a normal level in a short span of time. It helps your skin to stay out of dead skin cells, bacteria & fungal infection. Double cleansing after working out can help close the pores instantly & refresh your skin.

Moisturize The Skin-

Moisturizing your skin after a workout will help you to stay away from redness & itchiness. The skin capillaries dilate, which brings more blood to the surface. The anti-inflammatory ingredients in the moisturizer protects your skin from redness & itchiness due to excess sweating. It is best to opt for a moisturizer that is made for your skin type and needs.


Keep Makeup At Bay-

The perfect breeding ground for acne is the combination of sweat & dirt after a workout. To spice up the above, makeup is the enemy when combined with sweat & dirt. It is always better to remove your makeup before you head for a workout. The prime reason for skin breaking out into acne is when the excess sweat after a workout mixes with oils & makeup on your skin.

Drink Up-

If you have just finished your workout that gets your heart rate ticking, do not stash your water bottle as soon as you step out of the fitness studio. After an intense workout, your body needs to be hydrated & avoid the risk of losing more moisture in heated environments. Also, it is better to have lemon-mint water post-workout for your skin to recover faster & stay away from the risk of acne.

Rub Down Shared Exercise Equipment-

Before you start a new set it is vital to wipe down your exercise equipment. It will help you to remove the dirt, sweat, oil & troublesome bacteria that might find their way onto your skin. This is one of the prudent ways to get rid of harmful bacteria & stay away from acne after workout.

Lukewarm Shower After Working Out-

The most important thing which we all fail to do after an intense workout is not to shower. Post an intense workout it is vital to take a lukewarm shower to remove any dirt, oil, bacteria & sweat that may have accumulated.
It is also best to use mild face & body cleansers that contain Benzoyl Peroxide. It helps to protect the skin against acne-causing bacteria commonly known as Cutibacterium Acnes. If it is going to be a hectic day & you ought to miss your shower then it is always better to wash your face & underarms post your workout.

The Bottomline-

Acne can have many causes, including genetics, hormones, stress, and medications. If you still have issues with acne it is better for you to consult a board-certified dermatologist as the root cause could be something else. It is always best to get help from experts instead of trying out all the abundant chemicals available on the market today. Stay fit & keep your mind & body healthy.

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