If you are planning to join the many collectors of fine antique and vintage watches, you will need to consider storage and, of course display. There’s little point in collecting such amazing timepieces and not putting them on display. This article shares a few premium watch storage and display ideas to consider.

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  1. Original Maker’s Box – If your collection includes a few Omega and Rolex models, they always come complete with a small presentation and storage box, which is padded and suitable for long-term storage. Many collectors store their watches in the maker’s box as it is designed to protect the watch when not being worn. If you are looking to add to your vintage watch collection, search online for a leading antique dealer and browse their extensive collection of authentic luxury timepieces. In the event you are missing a box, you can contact the maker and order a new box, which would be very costly.

  2. Made To Measure Timber & Glass Presentation Boxes – Lined with silk padding, you can ask your local joiner or cabinet maker to create units as you need them. Perhaps two or three timepieces per box, or you could have small ones made for individual watches. If you’re looking for the best authentic antique watches Australia can offer, the online antique dealer has you covered. You will also be able to find reputable dealers in your country through an online search. Once you’re in their website, browse the extensive catalogue until you find a timepiece that interests you and that you would like to add to your collection.

  3. Moisture Removal – Moisture is the main enemy of vintage and antique watches and if you are storing a watch in a pouch or box, it is a good idea to add a couple of silica gel pouches, which remove moisture from the immediate atmosphere. Regardless of the container, you should only store antique and vintage watches in a dry environment, with no direct sunlight.

  4. Fabric Rolls – Some collectors roll soft fabric and wrap the strap around that with the watch face pointing forward. The cloth is rolled to the same size as a person’s wrist and you can choose rich colours. You can get creative about how you store and present your collection. With clever use of LED lighting, you can enhance the look of your collection.

  5. Under Lock & Key – Antique watches are often stored under lock and key, due to the very high value; it might be a deep drawer that is kitted out with watch trays, making it easy to open or close the collection. Of course, your vintage watch collection should be fully insured. The antique dealer can put you in touch with a reputable antiques insurer.

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We are all unique in our ways; some do not like to show their watch collection, while others take great delight in showing them to friends. If you are always looking for additional timepieces to add to your growing collection, there’s no better place than the online antique dealer’s website. In the event you would like a private viewing, the antique dealer can make an appointment for you to visit their premises.

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