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You’ve been through the bridal wedding dress choice rush and prevailed. Congratulations!

But now you feel the dress is incomplete. As a bride to be, planning the wedding is a hectic affair. Sometimes it involves going around in circles, from one loop to the next. Luckily you just dodged this one. We made things easy by compiling a list of five top wedding day Jewelry Ideas for you.

I trust you picked a wedding dress that compliments your physique and presents your personality. Let’s add on a little extra touch of elegance and class with our bridal jewellery list to suit the taste of a modern bride.

Let’s work our way down with you.


Rings are the highlight of a wedding ceremony – seals of love and a representation of eternal promises between partners. You received one on your engagement and will receive another accent piece at your wedding. In addition to their critical traditional role, wedding rings are jewellery accessories that will be a part of your life for a while. Select the pieces that best resonate with the partners’ individual styles and preferences. In the case of complimentary stackable sets, pick the pieces that complete the accent jewellery in perfect harmony. Check out practical tips for choosing a wedding ring.

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Earrings are statement jewellery for the modern bride. They accentuate your face and make you look absolutely elegant. If you are looking to have your hair flowing, studs could be a perfect fit. However, if you are looking to hold your hair up, wearing a statement piece of earrings could be the perfect way to complete your bridal wedding day look.

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Necklaces are a perfect way to add dazzle to your amazing neck. Depending on your type of dress, you could either opt for a simplistic chain necklace with a centre stone or a composite necklace. In both cases, have your neckpiece on to ensure the necklace you choose plays fairly with your dress choice and wedding day theme.

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Get a bracelet as accent jewellery. These pieces – as bridal jewellery – induce an extra layer of sparkle that makes her stand out without diluting her overall look. Select an elegant piece that blends seamlessly with everything else.

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Regardless of your wedding dress or wedding location – church or beach, an anklet could serve as a great accent bridal jewellery piece.

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Something Blue, something pink, something Black

White makes part of the traditional bridal wedding attire and bridal Jewellery. It’s glamorous, beautiful and non-distracting. I like it.

Accentuate the white with Blue, Pink or Black gemstone jewellery to spice things up. Black diamond wedding rings are current trends in jewelry world. These jewellery remain in your collection and stay with you long after your vows. Check them off your wedding day list with either a colourful necklace, earring, bracelet or anklet.

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Present yourself in a way that speaks most to you. Visualize and we’ll help you realize it.

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