The summers are said to be the hottest days around the globe during the year. The sun is at the peak during the days. The afternoon is said to be the hardest time during the whole day. At some places, the temperature is unbearable during the summer afternoons. The UV rays given out by the sun are the most dangerous during that time. In the afternoons the sun is on the head and is directly sticking the human beings out in the streets. During the summers is very important to take care of our visible body parts like the face, neck, arms, etc to be properly covered from getting direct sunlight, so that they could not be affected by the harmful UV rays of the sun.

According to a skin specialist, the most common reason for skin cancer is too much exposure to ultraviolet UV light. The UV rays are an invisible kind of radiation that comes from the sun. UV rays can damage the skin cells. Protection from UV rays is very important during the whole year but it is compulsory to be protected from the UV rays during the summers especially.

7 ways to protect the neck from the sun:

It’s very necessary to protect the neck, especially from the scorching sun rays. To get it protected from harmful especially from the sun a few main steps can be taken to protect the neck from the sun. The steps are mentioned as under:

Boost your antioxidants intake:

The antioxidant intake plays a key role in leveling the antioxidant level in the body. Increasing antioxidant-rich options in the diet help in providing additional protection from the sun. Some antioxidants include blueberries, raspberries, grapes, dark green, leafy vegetables, and green tea. Eating fruits and vegetables is very important for increasing a healthy body and skin.

Pick up some ZO sunscreen products:

The sunscreens can not be underestimated in the summers. The sunscreen helps in protecting against the harmful rays of the sun. The UAV & UVB rays have been the root cause of lines, wrinkles, and age spots that make the skin look older. The sun’s IRA (infrared light) is seen to be harming long-term skin collagen in the skin. Choosing the right sunscreen that offers the best protection on every level available is your best bet for protecting your skin now and in the future.

Wear sun-protective clothing:

It’s better to protect the neck from the harmful UV rays of the sun. The easiest way to protect the neck from the UV rays is by using the neck gaiters to protect the direct hitting of the rays of the sun. The best custom neck gaiters are available at the 4inbandana at very reasonable prices. The store provides UPF ( ultraviolet protection factor) labels. For example, a UPF 50 rating will only allow 1/50th of the sun’s radiations to reach your skin that is 98%. Buy loose-fitting UPF clothing to increase the effect of the radiation.

Wear a sun hat:

It is better to cover the head while working during the hot summer afternoons. By wearing a hat in the summer afternoons it is very easy to protect the head and neck from direct sunlight. The sun hat seems to be very stylish, their wide brim and Panama styles do not only seem fashion-friendly but also helps in the blockage of UV rays of the sun. A hat will also provide the head from the direct UV rays of the sun where no sunscreen can be applied to protect it from the effects of sun rays whereas the neck is also protected from it.

Play it safe in the sun:

If you want to live a very normal life then it is very normal to be wandering out in the scorching heat of the sun. The repeated exposure to the sun adds over the years and puts you at risk of skin cancer according to skin specialists. There is no sunscreen that provides you enough SPF that could protect you 100% from the sun. It is very necessary to take sun-protective measures.

Seek Shade:

It is very necessary to stay within the shade during the peak hours of the afternoon in the evening when there is the sun directly hitting the heads. The best measure to be taken to secure yourself in that time period is to look out for shade during peak hours. The sun rays are strongest during the timings of 10:00 am to 04:00 pm, when your shadow is shorter than you. Try to schedule your outdoor activities after this time period. Seek out shade under some trees and umbrellas, and drink plenty of water during these times to take care of yourself in these days.

Cover up:

The easiest way to protect our body from the scorching rays of the sun is to cover up our
sun-facing body parts by using scarves, neck gaiters, sleeves, and many other things. 4inbandana
is a website that has a very wide range of covering items that help in protecting the body parts
from direct interaction with the sun. Their most famous technology is the UPF (ultraviolet
protection film) that is used in making special clothes that help in protecting from the harmful
UV radiations of the sun and make them less effective for the body.

The Bottomline:

In short, it is not very easy for everyone to take care of their bodies during the sunny hours especially the
laborers that have to work very hard to earn bread for their families so if they take rest during those
hours it makes it hard to make both ends meet for their family. So simply by following these measures,
they can continue their work during the peak sunny hours to protect their face, skin, neck, and arms
from the harmful UV rays of the sun. By following up on these measures it is very helpful in decreasing
the effect of radiations from sun and skin burn.

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