Affordable hotels in Chennai with cordial amenities

Booking a hotel room has never been this easy. Thanks to Bob and Vint Cerf. 😀 If you do not know who they are those folks invented ‘The Internet’ which has changed all our lives dramatically.
There are ‘n’ numbers of star hotels in Chennai but there are even more affordable hotels in Chennai than you could ever imagine but are all of them good? Even if you book a room in three star or a five star hotel even if any one of these like atmosphere of the room, food or drink is bad your stay isn’t going to be that enticing like you have imagined it to be. The amenities in the room, food and drinks provided in the hotel are equally important. With that being said I don’t mean that you all should stay only in star hotels and hi-fi resorts because there are many budget hotels in Chennai that can be equally good. You do not have to spend a fortune on staying in these places but still you get everything you need.

I was looking for bed and breakfast hotels in Chennai when my relatives came to visit us last to last week. I was intrigued to see so many affordable hotels near my zone with great ratings. From the pictures of the premises to the tariffs and other packages, everything was provided regardless if I book there or not. And the bonus point is I get to see their restaurant’s menu which is nice because we can have dinner under the same roof after a tiring day with our relatives and drop them off.

I have only known about a very few hotels in Chennai before I searched them online. Chuck Chennai! I knew not even a handful of hotels near my area and we tend to miss out on them. There are so many affordable hotels in Chennai we even go across them every day. But before you book any hotel rooms make sure you check the ratings and pictures provided by both the company and also the visitors. Visitor reviews talk mountains about any hotel that you search for. They also help you to sort out the hotels you want. And try to ignore the hotels with negative reviews so you can be comfortable during the stay. Hope this helps if any of you are planning to take a week off from your busy schedule. Happy vacation! :airplane:

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