Now that summer is around the corner, loads of people will be going on vacations or else visiting their hometown. My family is no different. This summer we’ve got loads of relatives coming over for a family get together. My place might be spacious but its gonna get really cramped when 20 or so extra come stay so the only alternative is to find a hotel for them to stay.

Before my mom asked me, she had started calling up some of the best hotels in Chennai that she knew and was asking about the tariff, accommodation, availability, blah blah, you get my drift right? And then after everything is confirmed, she still has to go to the hotel to take a look at the rooms and the premises ( nothing is worse than booking a bad hotel room for your relatives when they come visit you). So that’s where I come in. I’m tasked with this arduous job ( will get tanned quickly in this heat and pollution).

So to save myself from the blistering heat, I wanted to find a way on how to book these rooms without shedding a sweat. So I do the simplest thing possible; go online and google it. A simple search and I get a whole list of hotels in Chennai. I can look up any hotel that fits within my budget (technically my parents money but still 😛 ), look at their hotel premises pictures, the reviews and rating from the earlier customers and all that from the comfort of my home (I love my ac 😛 ).

So I finally narrow it down to couple of hotels and then end up just sending them a mail requesting quotes and any other doubts. No calling and being put on hold or being transferred to one desk to the other ( something I hate when I have to call a hotel; they make it look as if they are very busy and we are jobless here -_- ). As I live close by to the airport here, the good hotels near my place are always fully booked which stresses me out. To add more to the previous statement hotel bookings in Chennai isn’t that easy either it’s too expensive or too cheap there is no in-between. But now with online booking, it’s just a breeze to find, review and book a hotel room. So the next time, you wanna find a hotel, just search online and you will find a hotel that suits your budget and needs (and all in the comfort of your own home) 🙂

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