Today’s review is going to be on the Colorbar Fair & Square Foundation Sponges. Makeup sponges are one of my favorite tool to apply makeup because they apply them effortlessly unlike makeup brushes where you require some effort of blending the product in. If you have reading my blog for quite a while you would know my love for my trustee Beauty Blenders. I’m on the constant search for the next best beauty tool and that is how I came across the Colorbar Fair & Square Foundation Sponges. Read on to know how these sponges fared out for me?

Colorbar Fair & Square Foundation Sponges
Colorbar Fair & Square Foundation Sponges

What The Company Claims?

8 bright sponge squares that effortlessly blend powder, mousse, cream and liquid foundations with smooth, streak-free precision.
• Sponge texture designed to press and evenly distribute each layer of your makeup, covering all angles of fine lines, pores, and uneven surfaces.
• The square design allows for maximum usage of corners and angles.
• Works beautifully with wet or dry product application, and helps to achieve that important step for flawless diffusion.

How Did The Colorbar Fair & Square Foundation Sponges Work For Me?

Colorbar Foundation Sponge Review
Colorbar Foundation Sponge Review

The Colorbar Fair & Square Foundation Sponges comes in a sturdy ziplock bag but once it’s opened, it is pretty useless. I would have prefered if they had provided a simple box to keep the sponges instead of the plastic as I won’t have to search for an empty box for them. Coming to the actual foundation sponges, they come in a combination of pink, red and yellow colors and the rounded edges are perfect for getting into the nooks and crannies on the face.

Colorbar Fair & Square Foundation Sponge
Colorbar Fair & Square Foundation Sponge

Compared to the normal sponges out there, I find these to be much more softer and when it comes to cleaning, it is much easier and it also dries faster. There are eight sponges per pack which while kinda pricey, the quantity is just right as I can just use a couple of them at a time without needing to wash them every so often. Though these are called foundation sponges they suck at applying cream or liquid foundations or concealers as they soak up the product which is a complete waste. The best way to use these sponges is to apply loose powders for baking techniques but again any sponges can do that. Overall, I wouldn’t recommend these foundation sponges as they are pricey and they don’t apply foundations properly.

Colorbar Foundation Sponges Review
Colorbar Foundation Sponges Review

Turn Ons-

  • Sturdy packaging
  • Soft sponges
  • Works great for applying powders
  • Easy to clean
  • Dries faster
  • Reusable sponges

    Turn Offs-

  • Slightly pricey
  • Easily dupeable
  • Soaks in liquid and cream products

    Would I Recommend The Colorbar Fair & Square Foundation Sponges?

    Not really don’t waste your money on these.

    PRICE- 350 INR
    QUANTITY- 8 pieces
    RATING- 2.5/5


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