I am someone who is skeptical about visiting a spa/salon solely because I have the most sensitive skin that would react to anything and everything. Being a beauty blogger and a professional makeup artist, my skincare regime is pretty simple with just 3 products. Can you believe that? Yes, I use only 3 products that wouldn’t make my skin lash out. So when Comfort Zone from the Oryza Day Spa in Alwarpet, Chennai contacted me regarding their luxury skincare brand, I took a leap of faith and agreed to go ahead with the experience.

Comfort Zone @ Oryza Spa Alwarpet

When I first entered the spa, an esthetician took me to a consulting room where they reviewed my skin concerns and curated a facial according to what my skin required. They were extremely courteous and made sure I was comfortable. As I have oily skin and large pores around my nose area, they assembled a facial for those concerns which was pretty great because each skin has a different need and when it comes to skincare one size doesn’t fit all. I must note that not all luxury spas and salons does this kind of treatments. Once all my skin concerns are stated to the esthetician, they whipped up a special facial to my needs. A masseuse was chosen to attend to me she then took me to my Private Facial Room, where she left me alone so I could change into the spa robe. The room was uber clean, dimly lit, soft music playing in the background all of them contributed to my whole experience.

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For my age & skin type, I was given Active Pureness coupled with Absolute Pearl Facial which is priced at 4800 INR. First, the masseuse asked me to inhale their Signature Tranquility Blend of orange, vanilla, cedarwood and rosewood. It calmed my nerves down immediately and the million things in my mind just stopped so I could enjoy my facial. She started off with the Active Pureness Cleansing Gel to deep cleanse and soften the skin, it has Vitamin C which minimizes the appearance of enlarged pores. The cleanser was followed by the Active Pureness Tonic which is a toner that has PHA which while gently exfoliating the skin brings the PH level back. Once the toner was absorbed into the skin, she applied Active Pureness Scrub which exfoliates the dead cells off while taking away any leftover impurities. It contains jojoba beads as well as silica particles which is very gentle on the skin. She made sure I was comfortable throughout the treatment.

Comfort Zone Active Pureness coupled with Absolute Pearl Facial Treatment
Comfort Zone Active Pureness coupled with Absolute Pearl Facial Treatment

After the scrub, she started extracting blackheads and whiteheads around my nose area which was my problem area. Once that was done, she wiped it clean using a clean damp towel. Then a generous amount of Recover Touch Massage Cream is applied, which is rich in antioxidants and has goji berry extracts helps protect skin. She used Comfort Touch Massage which is their signature massage technique, it was so relaxing I was put to sleep almost immediately. By this time I was so relaxed she kept massaging for about 15 minutes and after that she wiped my face and neck clean. Next she applied the Absolute Pearl Mask, which helps even the skin tone, it also has a PHA called Gluconolactone that gently exfoliates the skin. It has Acti-whites which is a trademark ingredient of Comfort Zone that reduces hyperpigmentation. As the last step, Absolute Pearl Cream is applied which has Acti-whites and Pearl powder that has antioxidants and SPF.


The whole facial treatment took about an hour and my skin felt squeaky clean and brighter. I felt pampered and rejuvenated the whole evening. The Comfort Zone facial treatments starts around 2000 INR and depending on the skin type they will curate a facial which is amazing. It’s been 4 days since I got the facial done and I have not got any new breakouts while my existing breakouts had dried out and the hyperpigmentation looks lighter. I totally enjoyed the facial and I would highly recommend you to try it out!


See you in my next post. Until then, stay beautiful.

Yours truly,

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  1. Sangeeta
    October 12, 2016 at 11:06 pm (6 years ago)

    Sounds like a totally amazing relaxing experience.


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