Couples plan the perfect wedding to celebrate their love and share their special moment with loved ones and friends. When planning the wedding, the couple goes through a checklist with their planner to ensure they don’t miss any important details. Review 10 things to do that will ensure their wedding remains engraved in their hearts for all eternity helps the couple complete vital steps for an unforgettable experience.

1. Hire a Videographer for Your Wedding

Hiring a videographer for the wedding creates a permanent video of the ceremony and the reception. Videographers capture footage of the entire event and provide editing to enhance the video and make sure that the couple enjoys it. The couple explains what parts of the event they want recorded to document the entire event and have something special to watch for many years. The product is saved on a DVD for the couple and they can upload the video to their computer. Couples who want to review their options for their wedding video production can visit for more information now.

2. Hire a Photographer for Your Wedding

Hiring a photographer for the wedding gives the couple beautiful portraits and group shots of the wedding ceremony and reception. The photographer offers a variety of options for the wedding photos and discusses what selections are the best for the couple. Some photographers offer keepsake photos and products that are great additions to the couple’s new home. Photographers edit and enhance the photos to eliminate red-eye and imperfections. They can also resize photos according to the couple’s specifications.

3. Write Your Own Vows

Writing your own vows makes the experience even more personal for the couple and allows them to share their feelings for each other with all their loved ones and friends. The vows don’t have to be a long narrative. They just need to be heartfelt and honest. Writing the vows on paper and having copies made gives the couple an important keepsake for their wedding. They can frame the vows and hang them in their home with the wedding photos.

4. Buy a Special Present for Each Other

Buying special presents for each other before the wedding gives the couple a chance to give each other one more memento before they start their new life together. It’s a special offering to each other to show how much they appreciate their loved ones. It doesn’t have to be something big and expensive, but the gift should provide a keepsake to commemorate their love.

5. Choosing A Venue that is Special to Both of You

Choosing a venue that is special to the couple offers the best option for the wedding. It isn’t necessary for the couple to book an extravagant venue if it’s just not right for them. Even a simple wedding can be beautiful and elegant. Choosing a venue that reflects who the couple is and helps them create a more memorable wedding and reception. It is recommended that the couple book their venue at least a few months in advance to ensure availability for their big day. Venue managers can also help them coordinate with all their vendors.

6. Get a Friend Ordained to Marry You

Getting a friend ordained to marry the couple gives them a special guest star for their wedding. The option is available online and lets someone who knows the couple on a more personal level perform their ceremony and create a lasting memory for the couple and their entire family. Becoming ordained online takes a few moments and allows the friend or loved one to marry the couple legally. Once ordained, they can sign the marriage license and enter the necessary details. It’s a great choice for couples who share a best friend who is equally special to both of them. Their friend can perform any type of ceremony the couple prefers.

7. Choose More Unique Theme for the Wedding

Choosing a more unique theme for the wedding makes it more memorable and special for the couple. Today, weddings can have any theme the couple prefers even if the theme is based on a movie or television show. It’s important to review all themes and decorations for the preferred theme when planning the wedding. Even if the bride wants a Princess Bride themed wedding, anything is possible. Creating the perfect wedding gives the couple an unforgettable experience for the couple and all their guests.

8. Hire a Wedding Cake Designer

Hiring a wedding cake designer gives the couple access to a wide selection of elegant cakes for their reception. The designers can create literally anything the couple wants for their big day. They can choose a groom’s cake based on the groom’s specifications, too. Cake tasting is a great way to find the best cake for the wedding and gives the couple a chance to sample delicious cakes together.

9. Have an Open Bar

Having an open bar gives the couple and their guests a chance to really let their hair down and have an incredible celebration. The couple chooses how much alcohol to serve during their reception and chooses their preferred beverages. A bartender attends to all their guests and ensures everyone has a great time during the reception.

10. Choose the Best Caterer Possible

Choosing the best caterer possible gives the couple a chance to have the most magnificent dinner possible at their reception. Local caterers allow the couple to choose their preferred entrees and side dishes for the wedding. The caterers offer platters and special dishes to accommodate all wedding guests. Couples make vital selections when planning a wedding and ensure that everything is planned ahead of schedule. This includes choosing the perfect venue that each party wants for the wedding and reception. Special tasks such as booking a videographer, photographer, and caterer help the couple get the most out of their experience. Reviewing things to do to help them remember each moment of the wedding and reception helps the couple create an unforgettable event they will cherish throughout their lives.

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