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The prom is one of the major social occasions for young high school students and this fun event offers an opportunity to wear formal clothing and mingle in a formal setting. It is an exciting time when it comes to choosing your prom dress and in order to help you make the right choices, here are some tips on choosing a fabric that suits your body type.

  • Athletic Shape – Tall and thin, the athletic girl should choose a flowy fabric, rather than a clingy material; top fabrics include satin, chiffon and georgette, which help to add volume to your look. This is the perfect shape for a jumpsuit, with a pair of white sneakers and jade jewellery. For the best deals, shop at the online designer dress boutique, where you will find a diverse range of designers; Clarisse, La Femme, Morilee and Tiffany, are just a few examples.
  • Hourglass Figure – If you are fortunate enough to be endowed with an hourglass figure, pretty much anything goes. You can have figure-hugging fabrics such as polyester, cotton, or a combination of both. Stay away from baggy fabrics, as they can hide your sexy shape. If you search online for a leading designer dress boutique, you can have a peek of their wide range of dresses, including the hottest burgundy prom dresses for 2023.
  • Pear Shape – If you have a prominent lower section, choose a fabric like chiffon, which adds volume above the waist, bringing back the balance. Avoid stretchy and clingy fabrics. If you are unsure and would like a second opinion, Google can help you find an image or two of the way you want to look. Send your best friend an image and ask for her honest opinion.
  • Apple Shape – If you have a large cleavage and a narrow waist, look for a fabric that flows rather than clings. The classic A-Line style is perfect and the best place to search is the online designer dress boutique.
  • Inverted Triangle Shape – Wide shoulder and narrow hips, a flowy fabric like satin or chiffon is perfect. Silk is another winner for this shape and a metallic finish also adds something to this look. If you are a modern girl, a sheeny silver glow would really turn heads, especially when you go for creations by top names as Sherri Hill and Jovani.
  • Rectangular Shape – The girl with a rectangular shape should look for a look that emphasizes the waist. A floor-length number with a belt on the waistline enhances your shape, which you can find at the online designer dress boutique, there are many gowns on a special over the New Year, so ordering early can save you money.
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    When looking for a prom dress, it is important that you feel good wearing the dress. Have a dress rehearsal complete with hairstyle and make-up, which will give you added self-confidence. We should never lose sight of the goal, which is to enjoy yourself and with a stunning designer dress and all the right accessories, you will be the belle of the ball.

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