So, why are you asking mother nature to give you the solution? Because you’ve found that most of the over-to-counter ointments didn’t work, instead, they worsened the bruise to something more awful than the bruise itself? Or because you want to save your bucks since man-made bruise-treatment options are expensive? Or just because you’re a nature-lover and natural solutions finder? Whatever the reason is, searching for relief in nature is the best decision you’ve ever made. And we’ll prove that.

Arnica: The Bruise Killer

Used particularly in homoeopathic medicine, Arnica is an herb that can be used in plenty of ways to heal bruises. Whether you ingest the herb or use Arnica ointment or gel, it always gives you something more than you just expect. With its circulation-boosting and inflammation-reducing properties, the herb encourages a speedy bruise recovery. Moreover, Arnica has a natural power to remove discoloration and reduce pain, stiffness, swelling, and bumps. In the case you prefer Arnica ointment, the best way to see the instant results is ingesting Arnica tablets or other bruise-healing supplements alongside.

To see the results, do some research to find a trusted company that sells pure and chemical-free Arnica products.

Essential Oils: The Powerful Liquids

You come up with hundreds of bruises; a few drops can win the game! Yes, calling essential oils “the drops of relief” is not a lie since they contain so many rejuvenating benefits to the skin no matter if it’s a bruise, injury or some other kind of wound. Here, we can’t put a list of top-notch bruise-healing essential oils for the sake of preventing you from being tedious. But a couple of the oils are worth mentioning.

Rose Geranium essential oil, for example, can help repair worn-out skin tissues and can thus fasten bruise recovery. The oil helps eliminate bruise inflammation and pain while helping wash out the scars left by bruises. Another one is Helichrysum essential oil. Best known for its wound-healing and skin tissue-repairing properties, the oil helps promote fast bruise recovery.

Quality is essential when it comes to using essential oils. Make sure you choose a company that doesn’t use chemicals in their products but provides purest essential oils at affordable prices.

Aloe Vera: The Powerful Skin Protector

Both Aloe Vera water and its gel act as a natural medicine for a wide range of ailments. And for so many skin conditions in particular. Enormous amounts of iron in the plant make it a completely natural product for fastening the bruise-healing process. The plant’s medicinal properties enable it to help repair damaged blood vessels beneath the skin. This way, Aloe Vera fastens the recovery phase of the bruise.

Having your own Aloe Vera plant is the best thing ever. But in the case you don’t have one, opt for a company that sells chemical-free, real Aloe Vera gel.

Vitamin C and K: Potential Relief-inducing Nutrients

Being bruised easily is a sign that your diet is poor. And increasing your consumption of foods rich in vitamin C and K can prevent frequent bruising. Vitamin C helps strengthen blood vessels while playing its role in supporting a healthy immune system. Add foods rich in vitamin C like citrus fruits and vegetables.

Vitamin K is of crucial importance when it comes to enhancing blood clotting. Try adding foods like fish, eggs, and meat and for the vegetarians, green leafy vegetables are the perfect choices. For both vitamin C and K, you can opt for supplements and creams but discuss with your physician before taking this step.


A bruise is something that you can get unintentionally. But you must be intentional when it comes to solving the issue. A gentler touch of natural products always empowers any other treatments available out there.

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