how to get rid of dark underarms

Always wanted to wear a sleeveless dress or top but didn’t because you didn’t know how to get rid of dark underarms?
Be it from accumulation of dead cells or from constant shaving, the underarms tend to be darker than the rest of your arms.Today we are going to give some tips on lightening them so you can enjoy wearing the dress confidently.


The mild acidity of all three makes them a perfect skin bleaching remedy. Take any one of these either grate them into slices or extract their juice and apply them to your underarm . Allow them to dry completely for 15 to 20 minutes and then wash them off with lukewarm water.For best results, do this every other day. These rarely cause any skin irritation as they are natural and not so acidic.

Baking Soda-

Baking soda can not only be used as an exfoliating scrub but also for removing the dead cells and unclogging skin pores. To get rid of dark underarms, you will need to remove the dead cells that accumulate in the underarms as it is also one of the main causes for dark underarms. Baking soda alone or mixed with other ingredients is a highly effective way to lighten your underarms. Make a thick paste by adding a bit of water and scrub your underarms for a few minutes. Wash gently after use and pat dry thoroughly. Repeat once every few days for best results.


Vinegar is great only at lightening the skin but also eliminates the odor by killing the germs and bacteria that feeds on the dead skin cells. Mix the vinegar with rice flour to form a thick paste for easier application. Apply the paste on your underarms when taking a hot shower and let it dry for 10 to 15 minutes. Once dry, rinse it off with warm water. You can do this couple of times a week for maximum effect.

Wax Instead of Shaving-

Thick hair often cause dark underarms. As you keep shaving your underarms, you cut off only half of the root. This causes the hair to grow thicker than before. It might also cause the hairs to grow horizontally (Ingrown hair) which not only cause the skin to appear darkened but also may cause infection. The best way to avoid this is to wax underarms instead of shaving them. Waxing removes not only the hair but also the root in its entirety leaving the skin soft while giving it a lighter appearance.

Chemical Skin Lightening Creams-

You can use chemicals like Retin-A, 20% urea, alpha hydroxyacids, and salicylic acid which will help to get rid of dark underarms but at most they show minimal difference. Most of the readily available skin whitening products use hydroquinone as the main ingredient but always read the labels before buying. Hydroquinone around or over 4% can cause skin irritation or rashes so it is better to consult with a dermatologist before using them.

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