When you are lucky enough to own beautiful antique jewellery, you will need to ensure that you take excellent care of it to help safeguard it. There are many things you can do to help keep your jewellery in perfect condition, and it can also help it retain its value. If you have some antique jewellery that you have recently come into possession of, you will need to learn how to care for it correctly.

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Below are some tips and advice to help you with this and ensure you take excellent care of your antique jewellery to help it keep looking good for many years to come.

Know The Value Of Your Jewellery

The first place to start is to understand what antique jewellery you have and what it is worth. To do this, you will want to take it to an antique and vintage jewellery Sydney valuer or an expert in your city and have them value the jewellery for you. It is also worthwhile to have them do the appraisal for insurance purposes. If your antique jewellery is valuable, you will need to get insurance for it. When you have the jewellery appraised, it will tell you the precious metals and gemstones used in the piece and give an estimated value to replace the item should anything happen. Whether you buy antique jewellery online or have inherited it, find out its value and assess if you need to get it insured.

Get Your Jewellery Insured

You will need to check your home insurance policy and see what value it covers your jewellery up to on the policy. If the value of your jewellery is higher than the limit of your policy, you will need to take out a separate insurance policy for your jewellery to safeguard it. Various companies are offering this type of insurance, and the best place to start is with your current insurance company and see what they will charge for this.

Have Your Jewellery Cleaned

You will also want to have your antique jewellery professionally cleaned to keep it looking in excellent condition. Most jewellery stores will offer this service, but it is often best to use a specialist jeweller who works with handmade jewellery. It can make a significant difference to how the jewellery looks once you have it professionally cleaned, and it can make it look much more appealing.

Store Your Jewellery Correctly

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When you are not wearing your jewellery, you must ensure that you store it correctly to help keep it looking fantastic, especially after having it cleaned. You will want to get yourself a good jewellery box that is excellent for storing your jewellery. It can help keep your jewellery away from direct sunlight and prevent dust from building up and dirt from accumulating. You can also repurpose drawers in your dressing table if you want, and you will need a soft surface for the jewellery, such as felt, so it does not get scratched.

A lot of information can be found online on the different ways you can store your jewellery correctly, along with the different things you can repurpose to do the job effectively.

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