Most of us spend anywhere around 1-2 hours putting on makeup and perfecting it. Wouldn’t it suck if it only lasted for a couple of hours? Because I do and being someone with combination skin with extremely oily T-zone this doesn’t become any easier. Especially when I am shooting outdoors or indoors, I sweat and my sebaceous glands go into overdrive because of the hot lights or the sun. Chennai, being a hot and humid place throughout the year, has made me try plenty of makeup setting sprays so I am qualified enough to talk about how to use makeup fixer sprays and if you could make one at home if you are on a budget.

What does makeup setting spray do?

A makeup setting spray, also known as a makeup fixing spray, makeup finishing spray, or makeup setting mist, is a fine liquid mist usually made with water and a polymer mixed with solvents like alcohol as its main ingredients. The polymer creates a very thin plastic-like film on the face which helps shield it from heat, sweat, and other factors. That is why it is generally used as the last step in a makeup application routine to set the makeup in place. This type of setting spray is great for those with oily skin because the ingredients usually help with controlling sebum on the face keeping it matte for longer. Makeup setting spray helps with the longevity of the makeup from any creasing or smudging. It also helps the makeup stay put without slipping or sliding around through the course of the day. Alcohol-free setting sprays help with providing hydration to the skin so if you are someone with dry skin then opting for alcohol-free sprays is better. These makeup setting sprays do not have any pigment in them so they won’t alter your makeup in any way.

How to use a makeup setting spray?

You might ask how to use a makeup fixer spray? Some use it both before and after doing their makeup while others use it to set their makeup in place. I personally use it like the latter and it has fared me pretty well. If your makeup is prone to crease or smudge it is best you lightly mist the face before you start with your base products and after all the skincare products sink into the skin. This way the foundation and concealer would adhere better to the skin. Once you are done with your makeup application again, go in with the makeup setting spray and set your makeup in place which helps in prolonging the wear of the makeup.

Does makeup setting spray actually work?

Yes absolutely, I find makeup setting sprays to be pretty useful when I have to wear a full-face of makeup all day especially in hot and humid temperatures like when I am shooting outdoors. If I don’t wear any setting sprays my makeup starts separating on the nose, will stick to dry patches around the mouth. There are several types of makeup setting sprays and most either set the makeup by adding a matte or dewy finish. You can also choose one that best suits your skin type.

Setting spray vs powder, which is better?

Being someone with combination skin, I find a little bit of both to work well on me especially since I live in a very hot and humid tropical country. Even though my skin becomes a frying pan during the summer months, I try not to overuse these two products. I go in with a translucent loose setting powder like the Laura Mercier Loose Translucent Setting Powder or the RCMA No Color Powder. Both these powders come in loose form, with no color in them whatsoever which makes it perfect for any complexion to use because the last thing anybody wants is a setting powder altering the color of their makeup. I use a small, fluffy face brush like the ELF Studio Small Tapered Brush or the Real Techniques Setting Brush and gently dab it on the areas I want the makeup to not crease which are usually under the eyes, laugh lines and nose. I lightly sweep away any excess product using a clean powder brush so it doesn’t collect between any fine lines.

Since I go in after with a compact powder to set the rest of my liquid or cream makeup using a makeup setting spray truly makes a difference in how the makeup sits on top of the skin. I lightly go in with a setting mist 1-2 sprays are usually enough for my face and neck. Doing so not only helps with increasing the wear of the makeup but also helps in blending and melting the powders with the liquids and creams making it look as seamless and skin-like as possible. If your skin is dry then going in with a light dusting of powder should be enough.

When to use makeup setting spray?

I like to use it whenever I am going to attend an event, shoot outfits back to back, or record styling videos. This way I can be confident that my makeup is going to stay in place without budging. If I am wearing very light makeup to meet a friend or go shopping I skip any sort of setting sprays because I don’t feel like I need that hardcore longevity then.

What to use instead of makeup setting spray?

If you are balling on a budget or if you don’t want to shell out money to buy setting sprays then I would suggest you invest in a good long-wearing foundation or CC cream that way they stay on the skin for long hours without you worrying about it.

Make homemade DIY makeup setting spray-

I have scoured through the internet looking for a good enough DIY recipe for makeup setting spray that would actually work but to no avail. I came through several recipes that said mix water, aloe vera gel, rose water, rubbing alcohol, witch hazel but let me assure you these don’t work, not even close. Witch hazel and rubbing alcohol are quite strong so it might cause skin sensitivities. Aloe vera gel and rose water are refreshing to use on the skin but they wouldn’t do a thing in prolonging the wear of your makeup. So don’t waste your time buying those ingredients and end up throwing them in the trash.

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