Glowing, flawless skin is great but makeup is just one side of the equation. If you’re not protecting your skin with a dedicated skincare regime, there’s really no amount of makeup long-term that will be able to deliver a gorgeous complexion. Keep reading to discover the number one product you should be using daily to ensure your skin looks as good as possible, with or without makeup.

The #1 Skincare Product You Need

Of course we’re talking about sunscreen! Did you know that SPF is the number 1 product you should be using on your skin? Not only does it keep you protected against harmful effects from the sun like skin cancer, but it also offers the best protection out there against ageing. The sun’s UV rays are the primary cause of premature ageing, so even if you’re already using antiageing skincare, it won’t make a dent in future-proofing your face if you’re not applying sunscreen first!

Why you need a facial sunscreen

We recommend wearing a specific face sunscreen rather than opting for a body sun lotion for several reasons. Firstly, they’re specifically formulated for facial skin which means they’re not as thick as a regular lotion and less likely to make you breakout. Secondly, you can choose one suited to your skin type and get extra skin sweetening benefits like hydration, oil control and more. Thirdly, face sunscreens are typically designed to work with your other skincare and makeup products meaning you won’t get white cast or have the product split.

Which face sunscreen to choose?

There are tons of facial sunscreens on the market, but we think the best sunscreen in 2022 is from Ultra Violette. The brand offers a range of facial sunscreens in different textures and formulas – choose from serum like sunscreen, hydrating formulas, mineral sunscreen, zinc sunscreen, and more. All their face sunscreens are oil-free and specifically designed to work with your skincare and sit beautifully under foundation. It’s no surprise that the brand founders know their way around a makeup brush – the pair worked for years at Australia’s biggest beauty retailer MECCA before starting their brand.

What order to apply your skincare products?

This question comes up a lot – primer or sunscreen first? Moisturiser or sunscreen first? We recommend you follow this routine:

  • Clean your face
  • Apply eye cream if using
  • Apply serum if using
  • Apply moisturiser
  • Apply your facial sunscreen
  • Apply primer if using
  • Apply foundation or tinted moisturiser and the rest of your makeup products
  • What about makeup with sunscreen?

    Besides wearing sunscreen under makeup, you can also actually get sunscreen makeup combined. Now, they’re not a replacement for wearing your regular face SPF underneath, but they do offer protection. We love the tinted sunscreen from Ultra Violette for a gorgeous layer of dewy, sheer coverage that applies smoothly for a skin-like finish. Available in 11 different shades, it offers SPF 50 UVA and UVB protection, is fragrance-free, and works for all skin types. Don’t forget to keep your pout protected from the sun too. Invest in an SPF lip balm – trust us, you don’t want to experience burnt lips.

    Inspired to start wearing sunscreen under makeup? Or maybe you already do, but are feeling like it’s time to change up your sunscreen? Let us know in the comments about your experiences using face sunscreen. It truly is the best thing you can do for your skin’s health.

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