Cutting back on calories in order to lose weight or get fit will consist in you changing your eating habits.

Changing your eating habits is the number one rule when you want to see a difference in your body fat tracking scale and in your overall weight loss journey.

One of the main differences you will notice when cutting calories and changing your eating habits is that
the food that you need to eat will lack in flavor.

The reason for this is food with fewer calories usually have little fat, sugar and salt. Therefore, they will
taste a little bit different than food that is notorious for having a large amount of fat, salt, and sugar.

However, if you want to add significant amounts of flavor without the calories and/or sodium, you can
add different herbs and spices.

Not only will they give your food great flavor, but certain spices can actually help you stay fit. Research
has found that some spices and even herbs contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components that
can help you lose weight.

How Exactly Can Spices Help You Stay Fit?

The theory behind this study done by the University of Colorado is if people who are trying to lose
weight and stay fit enjoyed low-calorie meals they are more likely to stay on track than those who did

Therefore, filling a low-calorie meal with herbs and spices will make the meal more satisfying without
the need of adding any extra sodium for flavoring.

Herbs and Indian spices help you not only want to eat healthier meals by giving them more flavor, but
they also have calorie burning properties. Here are some Indian spices you should add to your meals


Cinnamon is one of those underrated Indian spices. It can be pretty much added on top any meal from
sweet to even savory and everything in between.

It not only brings a new dimension to your meals but it has also shown to help lower blood sugar and
cholesterol. Another added bonus to cinnamon is it has a metabolism-boosting component that helps
give your metabolism a much-needed boost.


Cumin seed can be found in ground or whole form; it is an Indian spice that has proven to aid in
digestion. And help your immune system stay in tip top shape. Think about it this way the more cumin
you use, the less sick you will become. Therefore, the more time you will have to go to the gym and actually have the energy for it.


Consider turmeric the mother of all “staying fit” spices. It is the spice that will help break down fat.

The reason behind this is it actually houses anti-inflammatory properties to help your body break down
the fat that you no longer need.

Next time you are thinking of what to eat next, consider adding one of these spices to not only give your
meal a boost of flavor but give your metabolism one as well.

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