The first time we went to Jonah’s in Phoenix Market City we bought a box of French Macarons and walked home. The first impression was not that good I must say as we have had better French Macarons before so we had always skipped this place from then on. Until recently we didn’t know that the pastry section was just a kiosk of Baker’s Street from Pondy and not Jonah’s itself. So on our next trip to the mall, instead of going to the usual restaurant, we decided on trying out Jonah’s and Momoyama.

The ambience was relaxing with a nice background music (occasionally playing hard rock and metal genre). The place was neatly decorated in hues of greys and yellow. The seats were comfortable but the table didn’t seem to be wide enough to accommodate the loads of food we were going to order. But since this is within a mall, we can’t expect them to give us palatial size tables.

These are the dishes that we ordered:

• Pancakes With Maple Syrup- I was craving something sweet so I had to order this before the soup. How wicked right? 😛 They served three pancakes and maple syrup in a small pourer. The pancakes were super soft and yummy and we gobbled it all up once I clicked the pics. 😀
Jonahs Bistro Velachery (6)

• Smoked Tomato And Basil Soup- The soup was of perfect consistency and the fresh cream swirling added more appeal. It had the unparalleled taste of any tomato soup that we ever had with the smoked tomatoes and basil we only wanted more.
Jonahs Bistro Velachery (2)

• Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms- This canape like dish was lovely to look at the flavours were kinds meh as we have had better stuffed mushrooms before.
Jonahs Bistro Velachery (3)

• Chicken Dumplings- It is just your regular chicken dumplings accompanied with a sweet and sour dip where we were very much expecting the spicy dip. (bummer)
Jonahs Bistro Velachery (4)

• Turkey Bacon Wrapped Chicken- The honey glazed turkey bacon wrapped chicken was an explosion of flavours both hot, sweet and everything inbetween. The only issue with this dish was that it wasn’t easy to eat it as a single piece so we either had to cut it up and eat or eat separately.
Jonahs Bistro Velachery (8)

• Deep Fried Sausages- Well, just deep fried sausages and sauce. The sausages were tasty and coupled with honey mustard sauce, it was really appetizing.
Jonahs Bistro Velachery (7)

• Grilled Chicken Breast with Grilled Veggies and Mashed Potato- This dish was the star of the show even though the quantity was quite small. The sauce had this exquisite blend of flavours and the chicken was quite tender but the slices were really thin which was a little disappointing. Also the veggies were grilled to perfection but the mashed potato tasted more like the readymade one that you get in the market so I would recommend you to opt for the rice or french fries instead.
Jonahs Bistro Velachery (1)

• Ramyeon- This was served with authentic chopsticks but us being Indian, set it aside, grabbed couple of forks and dived in. It was more like a soupy version of Top Ramen noodles ( Well the name should have given us a hint but oh well) with slivered egg whites and also the kimchi was another disappointment.
Jonahs Bistro Velachery (5)

• Pasta Trifrommaggio- The pasta sauce was creamy, the taste was subtle compared to all the other dishes. It was the regular alfredo pasta with some mushrooms and capsicums thrown in and the overpowering capsicum is all we could smell so this dish was nothing phenomenal.
Jonahs Bistro Velachery (9)

• Thick Chocolate Milkshake- Though this was just blended chocolate ice cream, it tasted heavenly and we loved it so much that we ordered another one 😛 (Forgot to click this one :/)

Since we had ordered all of this at the same time, we thought the staff would bring it in order and to make sure we reiterated that we wanted them in the correct order and not all at once. But when the food started coming in, they were served at the same time which was kinda irritating as some of the food would get cold before we can taste them and also the table wasn’t big enough to place all of them.


Jonah’s Goes to Japan is definitely a must-try place if you’re a fan of Italian cuisine and if you love to try some perfectly grilled chicken breasts.

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