We all love food and I have always been a foodie. I love trying out new dishes and places and as soon as I heard that The Vice President, Christopher, of Kendall School of Culinary Arts was giving a presentation at ITC, I joined up right ahead.

Kendall School of Culinary Arts

When I was going to the hotel, I was expecting something like a sit down where he’ll just explain couple of techniques and then serve us the dishes but boy was I wrong. Instead of the usual method of chefs showing off the skills, Christopher actually made us feel that we were already part of the four year Bachelors course at the Culinary school.

He gave in depth explanation on how the course will be and what we will be doing during the course. Mind you, I had already googled up the Kendall School of Culinary Arts and found that it was the No.1 Culinary School in Chicago so I already respected the man.

Kendall School of Culinary Arts

As he flaying the Salmon and made red wine sauce right in front of us, the speed at which his hands worked and at the same time the way he was nonchalantly joking around was really amazing. Having watched many culinary shows on tv, it was nothing compared to the live performance given to us by Christopher.

And being from Chicago, we expected him to know very little about Indian food but when we asked him about his favorite Indian dish, he had so many that he couldn’t make his mind up. His list was long and included Kathi Roll, Hyderabadi Briyani and Jilebi.

His definition of comfort food is a good Hamburger as it not only has all the vital nutrients but also is delicious. For him, the best hamburgers are homemade and he loves his mom’s slow cooked stew.

And once all the cooking was done, the presentation of the food itself was highly appealing. I am someone who usually avoids sea food but this time the salmon looked so exquisite that I had to try it out and it was so delectable

Kendall School of Culinary Arts

Many students including Indians have graduated from the Kendall Culinary school and have opened their own restaurants so if you are looking for the best institute to learn the culinary arts then this is one college I would recommend!
Hope you found my review of the Presentation interesting.

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