You can lose those unwanted kilos by just eating right and not going for a rigorous workout session at gym. In this post no crash dieting or dieting by any means are involved. People have a misconception that all healthy foods looks and tastes disgusting but it is actually not. You can make healthy and delicious meal at the same time try Acai Bowls, Kale Blueberry Smoothie, Strawberry Oatmeal, Banana Ginger Smoothie, Orange Dream Creamsicle, Huevos Rancheros. 😀 Yummy right !!

Never Skip Breakfast-
When people are aiming to lose weight they starve themselves and start crash dieting which is very unhealthy and often results in binge-eating. So never ever do that to your system because you need energy to function which you obtain from eating. Breakfast is the first and important meal of the day so always start it with powerful foods like Green Juice, Fruits, Oats, Egg Whites, Chia seeds, Flaxseeds, Nuts, Prunes.
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Cut Down That Sugar-
I cannot stress enough but sugar is your sweet enemy so avoid it by all means. Instead use organic honey as a healthy substitute.

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Natural Fat Burning Foods-
You read it right food can also burn fat tissues in the body. Food like Egg Whites, Green Tea, Cinnamon, Whole Grains, Peanut Butter, Olive Oil, Oats, Pineapple, Apple, Prunes, Nuts, Grapes, Berries, Papaya turns your body into a natural fat burner. So start munching on them to lose weight.
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Flush Out the Toxins Using Water-
Upping your water intake flushes out the toxins and accumulated fat in your body. If plain water sounds boring to you add lemon juice or green tea to spruce up the drink. Water helps you stay hydrated and repairs the cells.
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Count the Calories-
Every height has their own calorie intake. So consume according to your stature to stay fit and healthy. For my height 5’5″ I’m supposed to take 1600 calories everyday. Instead of going for a heavy meal opt for soups without cream or butter or fresh fruit juices for a nutrient-packed meal. Eat in small portions to aid in weight loss.
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I am by no means stopping or encouraging you to skip gym. This is for people like me who don’t workout properly but still needs to stay fit.
Stay Positive & Stress-Free to ease your way through the weight loss 🙂
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