Today’s review is going to the MAC Brush Cleanser. Being a makeup artist ( and a makeup junkie), I have a lot of brushes which means there is a constant need to clean them. Since there are no spot cleaning products for brushes, I had to deep cleanse them every time which not only was time consuming but also bad for the brushes. So when I came across the MAC Brush Cleanser, although it was expensive, I decided to buy and give it a go. So how is the MAC Brush Cleanser?

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How The Company Describes MAC Brush Cleanser?

A product to clean, disinfect and condition brush fibres so that brushes last longer.

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How Did MAC Brush Cleanser Work For Me?

The MAC Brush Cleanser comes in a translucent white plastic bottle that is travel friendly and sturdy. The only problem I have with it is the cap as it usually tends to get messy every time I have to open it. I prefer to transfer the content to a spray bottle as it is much more efficient that way and no cleanser is wasted.

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The MAC Brush Cleanser is a pale pink liquid which is really effective at removing even the most stubborn product from my brushes. I will usually spray onto a paper towel and then swirl the brushes until they are clean. If the product doesn’t come off that way I spray directly onto the bristles and start swirling on the paper towel and it will start dissolving the makeup on them. Even though there is a decent quantity and the amount that I use every time is very less, I find it too expensive for 235ml ( When I first purchased the MAC Brush Cleanser , it was 600 bucks which I thought was expensive already :/ ). It will clean, disinfect and condition the brushes. With water and alcohol being the main ingredients, the drying time is around 1 to 2 hours but if the weather is hot, the MAC Brush Cleanser dries off much quicker and once it does, there is no residue left behind and the brushes are ready to use again. Overall, the MAC Brush Cleanser is one of the best brush cleanser I have used so far and I recommend it to all those who are ready to splurge for one.

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Turn Ons-

  • Super effective
  • Fast drying
  • Removes even the stubborn products from brushes
  • Cleans and disinfects the brushes
  • No residue is left once it’s completely dry
  • Decent quantity
  • Turn Offs-

  • Super expensive for a brush cleanser
  • The opening cap could get messy
  • I transfer it to a spray bottle for effective cleaning

    Would I Recommend MAC Brush Cleanser?

    Yes I highly recommend this one until I find a cheaper alternative.

    PRICE- 900 INR
    QUANTITY- 235ml
    RATING- 4.5/5

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