I am so glad I’m writing posts for my lifestyle section. It’s been more than three years, but I seldom shared anything personal in here except for the product reviews and fashion looks. I cannot wait to write more such random topics in here this year. It’s been exactly one year and seven months since I got married to the love of my life. I’m mentioning this because after marriage is when I started using menstrual cups.

My mom never let me try menstrual cups before because she said it could cause problems in the long run which was a complete bullsh*t, to be honest. She was just afraid of what my spouse would think. I desperately wanted to switch from normal pads because I would get rashes and chafing by the end of the first day of my periods which was painful and made menstruation even more inconvenient than it already was. I didn’t want to use tampons because it can cause TSS but this is my personal opinion feel free to consult with a Gynecologist before making this switch to see if this is suitable for you.

Menstrual Cup
Menstrual Cup

What Is A Menstrual Cup?

A menstrual cup is a reusable feminine hygiene product. It is a flexible, small funnel-shaped cup made of silicone that one can insert into their vagina to catch and collect period blood. It can hold more blood than any pad or tampon. Depending on the flow, one can wear it for up to 12 hours. One menstrual cup can be used for ten years making it the best eco-friendly alternative to pads or tampons. These come in various sizes depending on your age, flow, whether you’re married or given birth vaginally.

Why You Need To Switch To Menstrual Cups?

  • A menstrual cup is a one time buy making it the most affordable option out there. I bought mine from Amazon.in
  • It collects more period blood than pads or tampons.
  • Much safer than tampons or pads.
  • No weird napkin bulge.
  • No more napkin rashes or chafing.
  • You can wear it for 8-12 hours making it the most convenient option for working women.
  • No blood stench because it doesn’t come in contact with oxygen.
  • Zero discomfort once you get used to it. During my second period cycle I basically forgot I was wearing one.
  • Better for the environment. No used pads or tampons mean lesser landfill.
  • Leak free. Once you ace the part of insertion and removal of menstrual cups, there will be no leak. So you can wear that cute white dress without having any second thoughts. Until then use a panty liner to catch any minor leaks.
  • No more grandma panties during period time.
  • Menstrual Cups- What, Why, How
    Menstrual Cups- What, Why, How

    How To Use Menstrual Cups?

    If you have used tampons before it’s more or less the same process to insert a menstrual cup. Follow these simple steps:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly with hand soap and water.
  • Wet the cup using clean water; this step makes the inserting process so much more comfortable than a dry method since water acts as a lube.
  • Fold the menstrual cup in half creating a heart shaped end.
  • Slowly insert the cup, rim first into your vagina like you would with a tampon.
  • Rotate the cup after it is in your vagina. It will open fully to create an airtight seal that stops any leaks.
  • You shouldn’t have any discomfort or leakage if you have inserted it correctly.

    How To Use Menstrual Cups
    How To Use Menstrual Cups

    To take out a menstrual cup, follow these simple steps:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly with hand soap and water.
  • Place your index finger and thumb into your vagina. Pull the stem of the cup gently until you can reach the base. If you have trouble doing this, then try pushing which will ease the removal process.
  • Pinch the base to release the seal and pull down to remove the cup.
  • Once it’s out, empty the cup into the sink or toilet.
  • Wash it thoroughly with plain water and wipe clean before inserting back.
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    1. Nikole
      January 23, 2019 at 2:13 am (1 year ago)

      I had literally never heard of these until earlier this month. Thank you for writing about this. This is still a topic that many women will not be comfortable with, so it is important to talk about it and help people realize that this is just a method to help manage a natural process.

      • Pavithra Balakrishnan
        January 25, 2019 at 2:39 pm (1 year ago)

        True more people need to be aware of this option so they can make an informed decision. Please share this with your friends to help them with all their questions. xoxo

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