Being a foodie is great but being a non-vegetarian foodie earns those extra brownie points. I do love my healthy salads and garlic naan. But those Juicy Steaks and Freshly Skewered Kebabs hold a special place in my heart. 😀 There are infinite number of restaurants that serve non-veg food in Chennai that is also mouth-watering. You are hanging out with your friends but you have a very low budget you can still get to fill your tummy with a delicious meal that some restaurants offer here in Chennai. I have some fast food joints that are close to my heart like Tibbs Frankie in Besant Nagar when you are in the mood for light lunch or dinner. Moonlight Takeaway operates from 11a.m. -11p.m. and you can order yummy food from them anytime apart from their quick delivery they do make some tasty chicken noodles and chicken 65.


If you’re not into fast food then there are still many non-veg restaurants in Chennai that serve gourmet food. From Chettinad Chicken Curry to Butter Chicken Masala we got you all covered. 😉 I do have more than a few restaurants that serve scrumptious non-veg food. In Dindugal Thalapakatti you get to eat the best Seeraga Samba Rice Biryani mouth-watering. In Buhari there is this eccentrically named dish called Buhari’s Spl Chicken 2010 which is deep-fry marinated chicken. Dynasty restaurant serves the best Chinese and sea food although I am not a big fan of sea food my friends enjoyed their meals thoroughly. I do love their Shredded Lamb Ginger Onion dish it’s simply amazing.


For non-veg dinner in Chennai you get more options because it won’t be flooded with crowd like it is during the afternoon so you can unwind and relax while having your dinner at a nice restaurant with your friends or family. I sometimes like to order my food from home but most of the times I head out to a nice restaurant for dinner. If you are craving for a fancy dinner there are so many restaurants in star hotels like ITC Grand Chola, Hyatt Park, Hyatt Regency, Park Sheraton,..etc., which serves non-veg food from a variety of cuisines like Indian, Continental, Chinese, Italian and many more. So if you name it you get it in Chennai when it comes to food. 😀 Bon Appetite.


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