If you are getting ready for this year’s prom dance and there’s a special boy who will be in attendance and you want to catch his eye, there are lots of small ways that you can sex-up your look.

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You’ve been imagining yourself wearing a gorgeous prom dress for months now, and it’s finally time to step out wearing one. Make sure there are no fashion errors. There are all sorts of things you can do to make yourself look good for this year’s prom dance.

We aim to aid you in your quest to glamorise your look with these few tips.

Designer Dress Stores – Your gown is the foundation on which to build your look. Try not to pay attention to what others think; it is important that you feel good in your outfit. The prom won’t be the only time you wear this dress and when you can find designer dresses online at very affordable prices, what’s not to like? The best way to view designer dresses is with a Google search. Simply type in best plus size prom dresses and you should get a list of top online stores. All the creations would come in plus sizes and choosing a mermaid or trumpet style number would be ideal.

Minor Dress Alterations – Chances are, the dress will need some minor alterations, so when ordering from the online store, don’t leave it to the last minute. A few days, at least, is required to be sure that you are ready for the prom dance.

Try An Up Hairdo – If you usually wear your hair down, you might want to consider an up-do and with diamond earrings and a clutch bag, you can create a new you. Talk to a local stylist and see what she thinks. Google Images can also help you find the right style that suits your hair type and try a change of colour!

Professional Make-Up – If ever there was a time to have some pro help with your make-up, this would be it. Post on Facebook that you are looking for a freelance make-up artist and you might find a student who will do your make-up for free! A Marilyn Munroe look with deep red lipstick and eye shadow would elevate you in all the boys’ eyes.

Accessories – You can find sexy accessories online, like ankle bracelets with high heels and go with your own feeling when choosing jewellery and other accessories. Under accessorise to add a touch of mystery and experiment with bold pieces that work with your dress.

Brand Name Perfume – Do not overdo the Chanel, or any other brand, as the smell lingers and you only want a close connection result. Apply half of what you normally would for a mere hint of scent. Take a small spray in your bag, if you think you might get intimate. There are many brands and spending a few hours in the shopping mall will introduce you to new fragrances.

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Once you find the right dress, everything else should fall into place and if you can look in the mirror and be happy with your look, you will have a great evening and the boy of your dreams will certainly notice you.

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