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More and more couples are choosing an antique engagement ring rather than selecting one from a jewellery store shelf and there are many reasons for this. An antique diamond  engagement ring has a long history, something that appeals to the romantic woman and such craftsmanship to create a thing of beauty that has so much character.

You might be very lucky that a family heirloom has been presented to you by your parents; if you approach a reputable antique dealer, he would have a working relationship with a highly skilled antique jewellery restorer, who can transform the piece and even alter the design slightly, if that is what you want.

What Are The Various Processes For Antique Ring Restoration?

Once the restoration expert has the ring in his possession, he can quickly determine what is required for a full restoration. When looking for authentic antique engagement rings for sale, Google can help you find a reputable antique dealer and if you already have the ring and would like to have it restored, the same dealer has all the connections to put you in touch with a skilled jewellery restorer.

Gemstone Removal

The first thing to do is remove all the gemstones from the ring setting, which is a relatively simple task. The central diamond should be thoroughly cleaned and polished, while smaller gemstones are also removed and inspected. All gemstones are then sent to be polished and in an antique ring, the stones are probably hand-cut, which gives the ring some individuality.

Ring Setting

When all gemstones are removed, the jewellery restorer can see all of the settings and it might be best to create a new setting, depending on its condition. If not, then the specialist uses a very fine tool to clean the setting, making it ready to reset the stones. If you would like extra stones set into the ring, a new setting is definitely required to accommodate the additional gems.

The Band

The restorer would wish to know if the ring fits perfectly; if it does, there is nothing to do aside from a good clean, but if the ring is too large or small for the new wearer, then resizing is required, which is an easy job for the expert.

Resetting The Gemstones

Once the band and the setting are ready, the gemstones can be reset into the setting, which would already be attached to the band. This is the most delicate process, which demands a high level of skill and only an experienced antique jewellery restorer should carry out this task.

What Tools & Equipment Are Required For An Antique Engagement Ring Restoration?

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One important piece of kit is a laser welder, which helps the restorer to carry out very intricate and delicate work. Using state-of-the-art equipment empowers the expert to do things that would otherwise be very difficult, if not impossible. Other essential tools are special grips, unique buffing tools and very fine files. Of course, each restorer has their own special set of tools that they have acquired over the years.

Don’t allow an unqualified person to restore an antique engagement ring, as this is a very valuable item that demands a skilled, professional solution. The first step is to source a reputable antique jeweller, a person with the right connections within the trade and when the expert sees the ring in question, he can tell you what is possible, plus he can make recommendations.

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