For the past year, I have been experimenting with different cuisines from the American Mac & Cheese to the Japanese Sushis. But often, we forget the authentic South Indian dishes that are offered in the restaurants in Chennai. I’m not talking about Dosai or Idli. No, dishes like Vazhaipoo Vadai and Ulundhu Paniyaram. So this year, I have decided to checkout all the authentic south Indian restaurants, not those namesake ones, only those which offer the unique dishes of yester years.

I have found many long forgotten dishes in the places I least expected and some of the prominent one in restaurants established decades and decades ago (Some of them still have the same cooks that they hired when they opened so the dish’s recipe have not been changed at all).For the previous generation, looking for a restaurant in chennai, or any other place for that matter ,that has these authentic dishes was equal to looking for a needle in a haystack. One cannot search the entire city and most of the time, a restaurants rep and dishes are known by word of mouth but for millennials like us, the internet is the best way to find that pesky little needle.

Just a click and a search and you get a huge list of South Indian restaurants in Chennai along with their south indian food menu which can even by sorted from the closest to the costliest. And now you can even see how the restaurant looks like through pictures that are submitted both by their staff and other customers and also the south indian menus, reviews and ratings. This makes it easy to choose the best restaurant that suits your taste and not by how fancy the name sounds.

Some of those dishes I have tried are so amazing and mouth watering that I started to wonder why I did not even have a thought of trying them before. Sadly some of the yester year dishes have disappeared altogether but some are still hanging on waiting for us millennials to come and enjoy them. So next time you plan for a South Indian delicacy, just go online and hit search and choose the south indian menus you want and get ready to be amazed by what you too have been missing out 🙂 .

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