Hello there my sunshines!! Sorry for MIA for the past week I missed you all so much. Today I am here with a post on Spring Fashion Trends 2015. There are so many fashion magazines and websites which showcase their spring fashion trends and must-haves which are literally impossible to wear by anyone on a daily basis. I have compiled a few pieces which I think are the absolute must-haves in my opinion. Here we go-

•Shirt Dresses-

Spring Fashion Trends 2015
If you detest bodycon or any other figure hugging dresses then this one is your best friend. Because you can wear them on pretty much any occasion as you can dress it up or tone it down to your preference. From drop waists, double high slits, floral prints, plaid, solid colors you got them all.


Spring Fashion Trends 2015
Before you raise your eyebrow and howl at me. Just remember there are tons of shades of yellow for everyone from bright marigold to dull amber. You have to try on a few to find out the hue that best suits you.


Spring Fashion Trends 2015
They come in a sheer variety of designs, sizes and patterns. So experiment them by pairing it with chic blazers, comfy sweaters, tailored button-downs, flats or even high heels.

•Blue and White-

Spring Fashion Trends 2015
Black and white is a very common and subtle combination these days. So it is fun to experiment with a little color here and there to make a statement. Go blue and white for a change and see how many heads turn.


Spring Fashion Trends 2015
They’re super comfy and they come in different materials but it’s mostly denim. From full sized pants to shorts they come in all shapes and sizes. Pair them with crop tops or even plain tees and sneakers.

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