Top 10 Tips to Get The Perfect Skin

flawless skin

Having a perfectly flawless skin is every girl’s dream. But our skin go through a lot of bad phases like being a teenager, menstrual cycle, certain medications, genes, anxiety, stress, hormonal imbalance, sun spots and so on. There are two types of caring your skin needs one from what you topically apply on your skin through creams & stuffs and the other one is what you ingest and how you treat your body. So, here… Read more…

Essential Oils For Skin & Hair

essential oils

Essential Oils are known to benefit skin and hair in every way possible. From curing ailments to make your pores vanish they have several multipurpose. In this post I’m going to explain about the top 5 essential cold compressed oils that you need to get your hands on. 1. Tea Tree Oil- From treating acne on oily/sensitive skin, dandruff and other skin ailments tea tree is truly a blessing it has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties… Read more…