You’ve decided to get a tattoo, booked an appointment, sat through the entire painful procedure. So now what? Today, we give you the best tattoo aftercare instructions to help ease your way through the healing span.

Tattoo Aftercare Instructions

Let It Breathe-

Unless your tattoo artist has given you specific instruction to keep it wrapped up, once you have taken off the first bandages, do not wrap it up again. A new tattoo is like an open injury and it needs to be kept clean and needs to breath to heal. The last thing you want is to wrap it up and let it get infected.It is recommended to wash the tattoo using unscented antibacterial soap. Remember to clean it thoroughly but lightly as the skin is still delicate. Once you have cleaned it, pat the tattoo dry with a clean towel. And remember, keep the healing tattoo as clean as possible.

Let It Heal-

Your new tattoo might start oozing clear or a slightly colored fluid. Do not panic as this is normal. As with all wounds, your body is producing plasma to cover the wound. Clean the plasma regularly as if it dries, it will form scabs. The tattoo might give you irritation but that will subside over a couple of days. Most importantly, never scratch or rub your tattoo instead lightly slap the itch till it subsides.

Keep It Slightly Moist-

If you allow the plasma to dry out it will lead to a thick scab formation and that’s the last thing you want. Drying out your tattoo can cause it to slow the healing process and can even harm the tattoo. Keep it moist by applying a cream or ointment and apply to your new tattoo when ever you feel it is getting dry. At the same time, never oversaturate the tattoo. Too much cream or ointment on your tattoo will not let it breathe and cause a longer healing time. After applying it, use a paper towel to pat off excess ointment up to a point where it is barely even shiny. Try not to use products that has petroleum in it. These products can clog up the pores and hinder the healing.

Never Soak It-

For the first two weeks, never let your tattoo get soaked in water. No to prolonged bathing and a definite no to swimming (not only will the tattoo get soaked but also water in swimming pools aren’t that pure too). Bathing by showering is good and you can even clean your tattoo easily under the shower. You might have to do this for more than two weeks depending on how fast your skin heals and the aftercare you use.

Avoid Working Out-

When you had planned to have a tattoo, you would have expected some pain for a few days but healing tattoos that are covering big areas such as the torso or those near the joints especially the elbows and knees will take longer to heal as the skin will be moving causing it to stretch and contract. It is best to avoid working out or for that matter, moving the tattoo area as the skin has to heal before it can be stretched or stressed. Working out can cause the skin to break and become irritated extending the healing time of the tattoos.

No To Sunlight-

Sunlight is the worst enemy for a healing tattoo. Under sunlight, the delicate skin will burn more easily and has a greater risk of scarring from sun damage during this time. Keep the tattoo in the shade as much as possible or if possible keep it in the shade completely until it heals. Once the tattoo is completely healed, always cover it with a sunscreen because sunlight can cause the tattoo to slowly fade. Lighter colors will fade much faster than darker colors so make sure to get the highest SPF sunscreen. After all, a tattoo is very expensive to get and you don’t want to get it retouched once every couple of years right?

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