Planning the perfect engagement proposal can be difficult. Will you surprise your partner on Valentine’s Day or ask on Christmas morning? What will you say? Should you incorporate personal touches like roses or champagne? These are just some of the questions that come to mind when planning the proposal. A proposal is a moment that you’ll never forget, and this article will help answer any questions you may have about proposing to your loved one.

Finding The Perfect Ring

It’s easy to fall into the trap of picking out the first ring you see. However, what looks beautiful to you may not be attractive to your partner. To avoid this problem, make sure you spend time with your partner and make a note of their ring preferences. Another alternative is to ask them outright. In today’s modern world, you don’t have to keep the fact that you’re proposing a secret, and you can ask your partner for help. This doesn’t mean you can’t keep the when and where a secret, though. Whether you decide to keep the whole thing secret or enlist your partner’s help for ring shopping, you can get plenty of inspiration for the perfect ring at You can see the range of options on offer and check out the perfect ring for you.

When Is The Right Time To Propose?

First and foremost, you need to know when the right time is to propose. In most cases, it’s customary to do so on Valentine’s Day or Christmas morning. However, your partner may not enjoy being the centre of attention if you propose at a family dinner or in a restaurant, so it’s time to get creative. There is no ideal time to propose, and if there is a date that holds significance to the two of you, then this is the best time to pop the question. 

What Should You Say During The Proposal?

When you propose to your partner, you want to make sure it’s memorable. The best way to do this is to speak from the heart as you propose; however, if you struggle with thinking on your feet and don’t want the words to come out wrong, you can spend time jotting down some ideas beforehand. If you do make notes on what to say, make sure you don’t write a script. This could come across as overly rehearsed and may seem wooden to your partner rather than an honest representation of your feelings.

Creative Ideas To Make Your Proposal Memorable

Creativity is vital when you want to make your proposal memorable. Instead of proposing at a restaurant or during a walk, why not propose in their favorite hometown spot? Maybe your partner loves to go on hikes with you, and you could ask them atop the mountain after an exhausting hike. Additionally, why break from tradition if your partner is all about Christmas or Valentine’s Day? You could ask them on Christmas morning when they’re opening their presents or pop the question as they’re pouring the champagne on Valentine’s Day. 

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