Are you looking to shape up your look? Indian fashion can be the way to go, with the kurti being your top choice. Kurtis are comfortable, versatile and very customizable. You can hardly go wrong with one, with kurtis working well for different occasions and with a myriad of accessories. But what kurti trend is best suited for you? How should you wear your kurti? Is a particular trend well suited for your body shape? We explore the top kurti trends to help you find a great style, as well as understand how to wear your kurti.

Printed kurti

The printed attire trend seems to be on its way up, with superb options on offer. From 3D digital printing to simple block options, printed kurtis allow you to find your exact match. Unlike other kurti trends featured, you will not need to accessorize, since the print works as one on its own level. Printed kurtis are great for college and everyday wear, as well as festivals and parties. They pair well with leggings, joggings, jeans, Patiala, tulip and straight pants, as well as skirts. This kurti trend is ideal for pear and apple body shapes, although some prints could work across the board. We like cotton poly cotton and crepe for this trend, but you can buy rayon kurtis online which also offer impressive prints and superior comfort. We do not recommend pairing these with printed pants.

Shirt style kurti

Few kurtis can stand up to the shirt style trend for office appropriateness. The shirt style kurti borrows from western formalwear by blending a shirt and kurti design. This option is well suited for casual outings as well, provided you pair it with the appropriate pants. For a casual look, the shirt style kurti can be paired with leggings or tights. Palazzo and straight pants would make for an official event. You can accessorize with a variety of earring and stud options, as well as chunkier necklaces. If it features a collar, you could even rock a skinny tie. The shirt style kurti goes well with peeptoed shoes, boots, moccasins, sneakers and other more closed picks. It is a great match for most body types, but should be avoided by petite figures. We like cotton, denim and georgette fabric choices for this attractive and functional kurti trend.

Asymmetrical high low kurti

If you are interested in a feminine kurti style that also looks very lively, the high-low kurti could be what you need. This type of kurti features an asymmetrical design with the front hem being shorter than its back counterpart. This kurti is well suited for people who want to flaunt their legs, as well as an hour glass and pear body shape. It goes well with heels and sandals, as well as loafers and slimmer closed shoes. The high low kurti should only be paired with hand and clutch bags. It is also not a great choice for petite women, or as official wear. Some fabric options to consider include spandex, viscose and denim.

Kaftan style kurtis

The antonym to shirt style kurtis, kaftan kurtis offer the best fit for casual and non formal events. These loose fitting kurtis feature wide drop sleeves and a sophisticated style. They are ideal for informal wear, including trips and parties. The kaftan style kurti accessorizes well with hoop earrings, wooden kada, sunglasses hats and watches. Handheld, clutch and sling bags also go well with this style. The kaftan style kurti is best for an inverted triangle and pear body shape, but it is a versatile fit that will work well for most. You should avoid wearing loose bottoms such as a skirt or dhoti pants with this kurti. We recommend rayon and chiffon fabrics for a comfortable feel all through.

C-cut kurti

If a straight hemline is not in your style, you could consider the c-cut kurti for your wardrobe. It features a C shape in the front hem, which makes it slightly different from the asymmetrical kurti. The C-cut kurti is great for parties and events, as well as college and everyday wear. It works for most body types, but is especially well made for taller women. You should pair the kurti with an appropriate bottom from the wide range of options depending on the occasion,. The c-cut kurti works well with larger jewelry and accessories, with contrasting small totes and clutch bags. We prefer cotton, linen and georgette fabrics for this type of kurti and suggest a closed or semi-open footwear choice to match.

Double layered kurti

A double layered kurti can be functional and versatile attire for your wardrobe. It offers a great layered look, with some detachable options allowing your kurti to have two personalities. If you are looking for a versatile option for different needs, the double layered kurti could be a great choice. It pairs well with sandals, pumps and open toed shoes, but doesn’t have as much appeal with boots and other closed footwear selections. The double layered kurti is well suited for women with a rectangular and hour glass figures, but will also work for pear shapes. We do not recommend this type of kurti for very petite or very plump women. Cotton, poly cotton or crepe choice of fabric would be ideal for this type of kurti.

Final word

With over 30 kurti options, there are just too many choices available. How do you know which style is well suited for your needs? What should you look for in your most compatible style? What accessory and footwear options should you consider? While we have only covered some of the top trends, there are many other kurti styles to explore. For best personalized styling results, we suggest that you innovate and try out different ideas from your wardrobe. You should not be afraid to try out color combinations, patterns, pairing and fabric options when you are looking for a style to suit you. With our help, you should be able to shape up your kurti looks with minimal effort.

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