Sephora Lip Artist Palette Review, Swatch & Price

Sephora Lip Artist Palette Review

Today’s review is going to be on the Sephora Lip Artist Palette. When I started with makeup almost 6 years back I had no clue what to buy and there were not many blogs and forums to guide me. It was a trial and error method until I got the hang of what would suit me. This lip palette from Sephora has brought me all the old memories. So how did the Sephora Lip Artist… Read more…

Sephora Rouge Infusion 10 Red Essence Review, Swatches & Price

Sephora Rouge Infusion in Red Essence 10 Review

Today’s review is going to be the Sephora Rouge Infusion 10 Red Essence. As you all know by now I’m a huge fan of liquid lipsticks so I wanted to try something that is neither a typical lipstick nor a liquid lipstick that is when I got my hands on this one. After reading quite a few reviews I narrowed it down to this particular brand of lip stain. Let’s see how the Sephora Rouge… Read more…