A maxi skirt is every girl’s choice when she wants to go in for something comfortable. Maxis are ankle length skirts with a good amount of flair and comfort and can be worn in a variety of ways. They are not restricting like other skirt forms such as pencil skirts and can add a good funky look to the entire attire. Maxi skirts look good on mostly all heights and shapes and girls who are conscious to wear skirts can opt for this as it covers up the legs. Here are some great ideas in which you can wear and style a Maxi Skirt and take your fashion quotient to the top:

Lace Top-

A lace top will add a tinge of sophistication to an otherwise laid back look and will make perfect attire for a lunch out. Team up a maxi skirt with a contrast color lace top for a loud statement. Another way to rock out this look is to go in for a monochromatic look with the same color top to match the skirt. Add some spice to the outfit by throwing in a chunky necklace and you’re good to go!

lace top maxi skirt

Crop Top-

A crop top is a perfect addition to a maxi skirt as it brings a nice suave twist to the look. You can opt for two kinds of looks with a crop top. Either keep the crop top figure hugging if you have a slim frame as the maxi skirt will hide your legs and you can show off your slender frame. Else another way to wear a crop top is to keep it loose and let it go with the flow. Add a dangling neck piece and you’re all done. Finish the look with beautiful sunglasses which you can buy after checking rayban sunglasses price and get sunglasses at jaw dropping prices and become the fashion diva of your block!

crop top maxi skirt

The Jacket Look-

Another way to rock out a maxi skirt is by throwing in a jacket to add a bit of grunge to the look. A short denim jacket or leather jacket will add oodles of style to your look. Tie your hair to one side and throw in a pair of ankle boots or sneakers and this can be your rock-out look.

denim jacket maxi style

Collar Shirt-

A collar shirt is another great style accessory that can be teamed up with a maxi skirt. Put on your favourite collared shirt and pair it up with your skirt and tuck it in for a chic fashionable look. If the skirt allows it, add a contrast belt to complete the look and highlight your waistline. This will add a nice touch of sophistication and you can wear this look to your evening get together! Find an amazing collection of collared shirts to match your skirt and up your fashion game at great prices by earning discounts and cashback!

button up shirt maxi skirt


Contrary to what people believe that a maxi skirt won’t show case the footwear, adding a nice pair of heels or boots will take your style statement up a notch. Pair your skirt with stilettos or pumps to elevate height and add an illusion of being slender. You can also add in ankle boots to give a more punk look to your outfit.

ankle boots maxi skirt

Make sure to use these styles the next time you’re in a dilemma of how to wear a maxi skirt effortlessly. Bring out your own individuality and add a touch of your fashion to the outfit and you’ll surely look dressed to the nines!

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