Skirts are the most versatile piece of clothing from beach vacations to office wear there are various types of skirts and different ways to style them. Here I have compiled a list of different types of skirts and how you can style them.

Straight Skirt-

Types Of Skirts
Types Of Skirts-Straight Skirt

This type of skirt as the name suggests hugs the waistline and goes straight. It is perfect for work and other formal business meetings. The straight skirt is often confused with the pencil skirt but they’re two different styles.

A-Line Skirt-

Types Of Skirts
Types Of Skirts- A-Line Skirt

The A-line skirt is tighter near the hips and thighs, broader at the bottom thus forming an ‘A’ shape. This is also perfect for work and school.

Tube Skirt-

Types Of Skirts
Types Of Skirts-Tube Skirt

Tube skirts are pretty similar to pencil skirts but they’re shorter than them and the fabrics used are different. They are perfect for casual days when you feel dressy.

Pencil Skirt-

Types Of Skirts
Types Of Skirts-Pencil Skirt

The most coveted type of skirt, either you will love this or hate this and there is no in-between. Because this skirt either flatters one’s body type or emphasizes the problem areas and makes them look worse. This type of skirt can be dressed up or down according to the occasion and preference.

Paneled Skirt-

Types Of Skirts
Types Of Skirts-Paneled Skirt

This type of skirt has vertical panels which is fitted at the waist and flares out toward the hem. This is perfect for work, casual dates and evening outs.

Peplum Skirt-

Types Of Skirts
Types Of Skirts-Peplum Skirt

Peplum skirts has two layers one which is an elongated hem which flares out. The layer underneath is a short pencil skirt. This is a great skirt for work, parties and other casual events.

Wrap Skirt-

Types Of Skirts
Types Of Skirts-Wrap Skirt

Wrap skirts like the name suggests is a loose skirt that wraps around the waist and is secured with a button or a tie.This type of skirt is perfect for casual wear and evening outs.

Bubble Skirt-

Types Of Skirts
Types Of Skirts-Bubble Skirt

The bubble skirt has 2 layers, an outer flowy layer and a tighter inner layer. The outer layer is billowed outwards and then the bottom hem is tucked back under and stitched to the inner layer giving the skirt its bubble effect. Popular in the 1980s, they are making a comeback now and are perfect as a casual wear.

Tulle Skirt-

Types Of Skirts
Types Of Skirts-Tulle Skirt

A tulle skirt is a skirt that has a fluffed out and shapely appearance. This is done by adding layers of tulle fabric, a very finely netted material which is also very lightweight though it can be substituted with silk, cotton and nylon.

Mermaid Skirt-

Types Of Skirts
Types Of Skirts-Mermaid Skirt

The mermaid skirt is a tight fitting skirt that flares out below the knees giving the appearance of a mermaid silhouette. This type of skirt is perfect for parties and red carpet events.

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