What Is Multi-Masking?

Gone are the days where a single mask for the face was adequate enough. Now ‘Multi-masking’ is the new beauty trend to get the perfect skin that everyone is yearning to achieve but with a lot less effort.

So what is multi masking? Normally, we slap on a face mask that would address any single particular skin concern that we have and that one mask would be applied to the entire face. While this would help in tending to that one problem, it isn’t very efficient to the other areas of the face. We end up applying more masks separately to treat other skin ailments which is a lot more waste of time and product. 😀 That is when multi-masking comes to the picture.

Instead of using a single type of face masking, multi-masking is using a combination of different masks on different areas of the face at the same time. For example, if you have combination skin then you are prone to have severe blackheads and white heads around the nose and chin for that use will need to use a blackhead removing mask, if you are breaking out on the cheeks then you will be applying acne clearing mask on that particular area and maybe a hydrating mask on the rest of the face for ample of hydration and suppleness to clear the skin even more.

Some skincare brands are even selling different masks as a package which can be used for multi masking. (Boscia Multi-Masking Medley which is available at Sephora). You can also use the masks that work for you from different skincare brands to get the maximum results. 😀

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Pavithra Balakrishnan

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