There are many careers that people choose for various reasons. Some follow in the footsteps of their parents and join the family business. Others have a deep inner passion for helping others and choose careers that allow them to make money and do what they love. Listed below are several career options that can have a huge impact on someone’s life.


Becoming a counselor or a therapist offers a great way to help someone with a mental illness or an addiction to drugs work through daily challenges. Being a terrific listener in the most important quality followed by supportive and unbiased professional opinions. This is a profession where you can make a difference in someone’s life every day. You will need a master’s degree, hands-on clinical experience, and licensing by the state.

Massage Therapist

Stress, anxiety, workouts, and progressive illnesses can all lead to tense, tight, and achy muscles. Pursuing a career as a massage therapist lets you give your clients temporary relief from pain, improve flexibility, circulation, mood and restore energy. A massage therapist requires a few years of school and hundreds of hours in the profession in order to meet the requirements to obtain licensing by the state. The experts at say that, additionally, you should have at least one high-quality massage table and chair, towels, linens, pillows, and oils, creams, and lotions.


Becoming a dentist requires nearly 10 years of schooling. You’ll need a bachelor’s degree, and to attend a dental school and pass both a written and practice exam in order to achieve state licensing. As a dentist, you can make a difference in the quality of life for older Americans, help young children develop good cleaning habits and restore a mouth to excellent health. While the time invested is large, the rewards are also enormous and the pay is very good, especially if you end up opening your own practice.

Physical Therapist

As a physical therapist, you ultimately come up with individual treatment plans for each client. You help people who sustain injuries, are recovering from surgery, or are suffering from a degenerative disease. Physical therapists are in high demand in places such as hospitals, nursing homes, and rehab and fitness centers. In order to practice as a physical therapist, you will need a graduate degree from an accredited school, a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree and to meet the requirements for state licensing.

Social Worker

Becoming a social worker is a rewarding career. You have hands-on visits with students, families, and the elderly. There’s a high demand for social workers in schools and in-state agencies. You should possess excellent communication, written, and verbal skills, be a good listener, and empathetic to a variety of individuals’ situations. You can make a life-altering change in abusive environments for the elderly, adults, and children. The hardest part of this profession is leaving your work at the office. Many social workers become too involved in their cases and have difficulty separating them from their personal lives. To become a social worker you will need at least a bachelor’s degree and state licensing. However, some jobs also require a master’s degree.

Marriage Counselor

A marriage counselor is a good listener with many years of experience in the field. They offer unbiased advice that, in many cases, helps couples to rekindle their love. It feels good when you have a breakthrough that leads to reconciliation. However, sometimes if the relationship is toxic, they must offer advice that’s hard to hear. To become a marriage counselor you need a master’s degree and licensing by the state.


Nurses are needed everywhere. They are usually the first person a patient sees in either a doctor’s office or a hospital. Nurses perform a variety of necessary tasks each day. They check blood pressure, administer IVs and medications, assist patients with limited mobility, perform diagnostic testing, and monitor patients’ progress. Generally, you will need a bachelor’s degree from an accredited nursing school and to pass the NCLEX exam.

If you enjoy helping others there are many careers from which to choose. These are just a few of them!

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