Do you have a talented artist in your life? Do you know the best Christmas presents for her or him this holiday season? From painting supplies to adult coloring books to a charcoal drawing set, what are some of the best art supplies for your budding Picasso?

Best Gifts for the Budding Artist

Art is a wonderful gift at any age. For the budding artist, especially children, you might want to buy age-appropriate professional art supplies or opt for more kid-friendly art kits. Watercolor kits include a small palette of paints, an array of brushes, and watercolor paper. A kid-friendly pottery holiday kit will include materials that do not require access to a kiln for firing. Often these kits will use a type of molding clay that can be baked in an oven safely. Acrylics and glazes are included in these kits. You can find them in the art or creative art toy section of your online store.

For the Coloring Book Lover

Many adults are finding that coloring books bring joy and calm to their lives. For the elderly and homebound, these vibrant books can provide a simple and affordable hobby. There are many coloring books to choose from. Some have complicated abstract imagery or are based on the mandala, a spiritual symbolic representation of the universe. Popular coloring books include images of flowers, intricate animal imagery, and other images from nature. These are excellent gifts for older adults that want to continue to practice motor skills and keep their minds young.

The Professional

Purchase high quality paintbrushes, canvas, and paints for the professional artist. You will need to do a little bit of research into brands like Progresso or Prismacolors pencils. Your artist may need a new easel or some higher end oil paints. Art books are also a great gift for this holiday season. Find out your loved one’s favorite artist or art period and purchase a series of books or DVDs as a gift. Artists love to immerse themselves in the art of others. Some other great gifts? Offer tickets to an exclusive art gallery showing. If your artist does not have a designated studio space in your home, the best gift may be redesigning your house so they can have a stress-free work environment. This can be a converted attic, spare bedroom, or office. Watch for changes in temperature, as a room susceptible to drastic changes or water damage would not be a good option for precious new artwork.

The Digital Artist, Photographer or Filmmaker

Finally, many artists today pick up a camera or use a computer to create their art. Book tutorials on lighting, cinematography, and digital photography are great gifts. Don’t forget the value in buying them new lenses, a new quality camera, or editing software. If you are not sure what type of equipment they need, shop together with them. Many artists appreciate that you ask them before you purchase equipment. They will know which brands are best for their artmaking.

Buy the best gift for the artist in your life this holiday season. Whether you purchase a watercolor set, a series of beautiful coloring books, or a film camera, you will be giving the priceless gift of creativity.

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